Barfield 101-01200 Sight Compass calibration

Barfield sight compass calibration is crucially important. Without proper calibration of a sight compass, an aircraft would not be able to safely navigate. For this reason, it is extremely important to ensure that you are calibrating your Barfield sight compass regularly. With routine Barfield sight compass calibration, many benefits can be reaped, including:


Calibration of a Barfield sight compass ensures the instrument is making consistent measurements. Without calibration, the Barfield instrument has a high chance of displaying incorrect readings, which could lead to several consequences.


Barfield sight compasses that are calibrated routinely are guaranteed to be accurate. When calibration is performed on your Barfield instrument, you can feel confident that risk of improper measurements is minimized.


Calibration of a Barfield sight compass also establishes instrument reliability. When a sight compass is routinely calibrated, it can be trusted to perform properly.


When a Barfield instrument is calibrated, especially by an accredited calibration lab, a paper trail is created. This paper trail helps track instrument drift, which aids in developing the correct calibration interval for your Barfield sight compass.


Last, but not least, calibration of a Barfield sight compass ensures the instrument is maintaining its adherence to industry standards and government regulations. When your instrument adheres to these standards and regulations, you can feel confident that your Barfield sight compass is performing properly and safely.

To ensure that your Barfield sight compass is giving accurate readings, it must be checked once annually. The processes used to calibrate a Barfield sight compass ensures that readings are within accuracy tolerance. Proper sight compass tolerance should be ± 1%. If you have any questions regarding Barfield sight compass calibration or would like a quote, contact e2b calibration for more information.

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