It’s important to ensure that your aircraft maintenance calibration lab is providing you with total quality services. To guarantee you are receiving the services you need, we have listed four essential items that should always be included by your aircraft maintenance calibration lab.


While this item doesn’t seem like a doozy, it is something that should be confirmed. If we lived in a perfect world, all aircraft maintenance calibration labs would be able to promise accurate measurement testing; however, this is not a perfect world and accuracy is not always warranted. For this reason, it is essential to find an aircraft maintenance calibration lab that can promise accuracy and reliability.

Some food for thought: One way to guarantee confidence in your calibrated results and to make certain that this necessity is included aircraft maintenance calibration services is to choose an accredited calibration lab. Accredited aircraft maintenance calibration labs are known for having the most competent technicians who specialize in performing calibration.


Another important item to be included in your aircraft maintenance calibration services is calculation of an instrument’s uncertainty ratio. Calculated uncertainty ratios are very helpful when it comes to measurements and help minimize errors. For these reasons, it is important to ensure your aircraft maintenance calibration provider is calculating what exactly the uncertainty ratio is. With a calculated uncertainty ratio, your instrument will have more accurate results. If you are using an accredited aircraft maintenance calibration lab, uncertainty ratio should be included in your total services.


While many people take the importance of measurement and calibration traceability for granted, it is utterly important to have it included in your aircraft maintenance calibration services. When your equipment and instruments are traceable, it means that they can be traced back to national standards. In turn, this means that your calibration and measurement results are the highest of quality. If you are using an accredited aircraft maintenance calibration lab, traceability through NIST is included in total services.


Last but definitely not least, an aircraft maintenance calibration lab should be able to provide you with a calibration certificate. This certificate should include, the dates and environmental conditions at the time of calibration, the instrument received condition and the instrument returned condition, a traceability statement, identification of the standards used during total calibration services, the calibration procedures used during services, contact information for follow-up or questions regarding certificate and a calibration interval and recommendation on when to have total calibration services performed in the future.

All four of these items should be included in your aircraft maintenance calibration labs services. If you are missing any of the above four items, it may be in your best interest to look for a new aircraft maintenance calibration lab.

There are many more benefits beyond accurate measurement testing.
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