While transparency, environmental control and communication are vital factors to look for when choosing an onsite maintenance and repair provider, it is also important to look for certain elements to guarantee that the services provided are superior. By verifying that the four elements below are included in your onsite service, satisfaction can be guaranteed.


An onsite maintenance and repair provider should be accredited from a recognized body. This factor helps to ensure that the maintenance and repair being performed to your equipment meets industry standards. By choosing an onsite provider with ISO/IEC 17025 accreditation, you are guaranteeing that competency levels meet the highest requirements. This type of accreditation is also voluntary, which shows that the provider is paying attention to quality management and likes to ensure equipment is up to par.


Choosing an onsite maintenance and repair provider that meets the Federal Aviation Administration regulations is crucial. An onsite provider should be aware of and follow regulations to ensure that equipment is meeting the correct requirements and is performing to the FAA’s desired standards.


A proper onsite maintenance and repair provider should be able to give documentation of all procedures performed to equipment. This not only ensures that the services performed to the equipment was done properly, but is also acts as an important document for record keeping purposes. Since most repairs and maintenance are to be performed within a certain time frames, documentation aids in tracking when the next maintenance and repair services are needed.


Selecting an onsite maintenance and repair provider with the above three factors guarantees quality assurance, which in turn, guarantees overall quality. Employees working for an accredited provider will be able to perform ultimate onsite maintenance and repair services because they specialize and have been recognized for their competency within the field. Providers that are accredited also ensure that the correct documentation is given and that require regulations are met.