Proper functionality of an aircraft transponder is of utter importance. Without an accurate transponder, the altimeter would not be able to operate reliably. This in turn would lead to serious consequences, including unreliable navigation, which could cause hazardous risks for anyone associated with a flying aircraft. For these reasons, a transponder should be calibrated regularly to ensure the following:


When a transponder is calibrated regularly, the precision of an altimeter is guaranteed. This results in accurate and efficient pressure measurements. If the measurements of pressure are not precise, an aircraft will not be able to properly measure altitude during flight, which could result in dangerous safety risks. To minimize these risks, calibration of a transponder should be performed. When a transponder is calibrated, precision of an altimeter is guaranteed.


Another benefit of calibrating a transponder is that it aids in reliable resolution. What this means is that if the air pressure measurements are off, the altimeter should be able to detect the change and alert the pilot. If a transponder is not calibrated, then the altimeter will not be able to determine either set or repeatable measurements, therefore making it hard for pilots to detect issues with air pressure intake. Again, this could result in hazardous risks and could be easily avoid if transponder calibration is performed. Resolution is a given if a transponder and an altimeter are reliable.


Transponder calibration also aids in safety. When a transponder is calibrated properly, precision and resolution are guaranteed, therefore, making safety a given. Although overall safety can never be 100% promised, transponder calibration ensures proper functionality of an altimeter, which in turn, ensures proper functionality of a pitot-static system. If the transponder and the altimeter are not operating to their full potential, pitot-static system failure is likely. In order for safe flight, the pitot-static system has to have all parts operating properly; therefore calibration of the transponder and all other components of the system, should be calibrated properly and regularly.

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