2017 Aerospace Maintenance Competition

One of the most anticipated events at MRO Americas was the 2017 Aerospace Maintenance Competition. This was the 9th year of the competition. The Aerospace Maintenance Council’s AMC Committee managed the event. The 2017 competition was made possible by monetary contributions, prize donation, and sponsorship from the aerospace community.

The opening of the awards ceremony on 27 April, centered on the importance of aerospace maintenance, embracing new aerospace technologies, and support for AMT students. The first speaker remarked that, “What you see at the competition is indicative of the quality of work performed at the hangar. These men and women keep the industry safe and planes in the air.”

Aviation Maintenance Education

United Airlines Professionalism Award

A total of 17 aviation schools entered the 2017 Aerospace Maintenance Competition. United Airlines announced the winner of the Professionalism Award. The recipients were chosen based on technical expertise, attention to safety, and overall professionalism. The presenter remarked that the aviation college teams were very impressive. The award went to the Liberty University team. The Liberty University School of Aeronautics is based in Lynchburg, Virginia. The School of Aeronautics has over 1,700 students and offers degrees in aviation maintenance, aviation administration, and aeronautics. United also encouraged all the students participating in the competition to contact the company for employment upon graduation.

AMC Scholarship

The AMC introduced scholarships at the 2016 Aerospace Maintenance Competition. A scholarship was created in honor of Phoebe Omlie, an aviation pioneer. She was the first woman to receive the airplane mechanics license and first woman appointed to a federal aviation position. The goal of the organization was to present the award to students that demonstrated similar attributes. The applicants had to submit an essay about Phoebe Omlie, have maintained a high GPA, and received recommendations from professors. Victoria from the Pittsburgh Institute of Aviation was chosen for her essay that highlighted her ability to overcome struggles similar to that of Phoebe Omlie as she pursues her education in aviation maintenance. Utah State student Steven was chosen for his speed, accuracy, and glowing recommendations. The final recipient from Embry-Riddle Aeronautics University was selected for her straight A’s throughout coursework and essay that communicated her passion for aviation.

At the 2017 Aerospace Maintenance Competition, many speakers talked about supporting the next generation of aviation maintenance technicians. AMT magazine encouraged aviation maintenance professionals to get involved in local AMT institutions. Opportunities include becoming part of an advisory board, speaking to students, donating to aviation maintenance scholarships funds, or mentoring.

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