• Top 5 July Blogs

    Top 5 July Blogs

    In case you missed content, here is a quick recap of our most popular blogs of July. Human Factors in Aviation Maintenance When people are involved in any activity, human error is a possibility. Human performance and the aviation industry have been tied together throughout aviation’s long history. Aviation maintenance requires a very skilled set

  • Cockpit Distractions

    Cockpit Distractions

    Cockpit distractions are significant threats that pilots face frequently during flights and can lead to crucial safety issues. Pilots must continually maintain an awareness of their environment and must focus their attention on the tasks and actions required to operate and manage the aircraft systems. Procedures, checklists, and proper training can provide pilots with the

  • Aircraft Accident Investigations

    Aircraft Accident Investigations

    Aircraft accident investigations are a process where investigators evaluate and consider the human, mechanical, and environmental factors that could have contributed to the probable cause of the accident. Accident investigations use both scientific processes and detective work to piece together the data to determine the accident’s primary causes and recreate the events leading to the

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