• 5 Benefits of Shadow Boards

    5 Benefits of Shadow Boards

    Shadow Boards are visual methods of storing and organizing tools, parts and other items so that they are easy to identify and readily available at specific workplaces. Each shadow board consists of outlines or “shadows” in the shape of individual items to make it obvious where each item should be stored. Shadow Boards are always

  • Altitude Flight Levels

    Altitude Flight Levels

    In aviation, there are many types of altitudes with their own meanings and uses. In its general term, altitude can be defined as an aircraft’s vertical distance above a fixed datum, typically the ground level or sea level. Flight Levels define altitude differently. Flight Levels refer to an aircraft’s vertical distance referenced to a standard

  • Analog versus Digital Pitot Static Testers

    Analog versus Digital Pitot Static Testers

    Pitot Static Testers, or Air Data Test Sets, are pressure generators and measurement equipment used for testing and calibrating aircraft pitot-static systems. The testers are also useful in the troubleshooting of the autopilot, system connections, flight control systems, safety sensors, and pressure switches. The name ‘Pitot Static’ comes from the Pitot and Static tubes on

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