• Sterile Cockpit Rule

    Sterile Cockpit Rule

    The Sterile Cockpit Rule refers to a Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) regulation that was developed in 1981 that states that any member of a flight crew should not perform any other duties, or exchange in irrelevant conversations during the critical phases of flight such as take-off, taxiing on the runway, flight deviations, landings, and any

  • Flight Simulator Training

    Flight Simulator Training

    The aviation industry always seeks to make airline travel as safe as possible and as a way to mitigate risks, there are different safety standards and systems put in place to ensure safety in all flight operations. One way of reducing risks and improving safety is through the introduction of flight simulators and flight simulator

  • Importance of Communication in Aviation

    Importance of Communication in Aviation

    Effective communication is a very important aspect of aviation safety. As the major means of communication between pilots and air traffic controllers (ATC) is through radio communication, verbal communication skills become crucial to the future of aviation safety. Aviation communication is not only the communication between pilots, copilots, ATC, and other aircraft but it involves

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