Aircraft Hydraulic Servicing and Oil Dispenser

Aircraft Hydraulic Servicing and Oil Dispenser

When servicing your aircraft hydraulics and oil dispensers, there are a handful of factors that must be considered. Each of these factors is crucial to ensure to ensure optimal functionality in your equipment. To help you understand each of these factors, we have compiled a checklist below.

  • The filter is non-bypass design with a replaceable element. As the filter becomes clogged, higher handle force may be required for given flow rate. High handle force while in a re-circulating condition indicates that the filter element needs replaced
  • Set up filter maintenance schedule based on usage and actual fluid samples. For unites with low usage, the filter element should be changed annually
  • Check unit for leaks and excessive care; repair if necessary
  • Check lines and hoses for cracking, bending, or leaking
  • If equipped with a pressure gauge, calibration may be required
  • Check pump for leaks; repair if required
  • Check towing eye for bending, excessive wear, and/or deformity
  • Ensure towing eye mounting bolts are not loose or missing. Tighten to 25 ft-lbs or replace as required

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